Great Success of Cypriot Choreographer

Great Success of Cypriot Choreographer

Belly Dancing in Cypriot Rhythms

The whole world will be dancing to the steps of Elena Shakalli, since the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) has assigned Elena to prepare the syllabus and examinations for this oriental dance.





From this year, across 55 countries worldwide, the belly dancing syllabus of Elena Shakalli will be taught. Based on these classes, IDTA examinations will take place in America, Africa, Europe and even Asia and diplomas will be given upon successful examination.

The above assignment is regarded as a great success not only for Elena Shakalli , but for Cyprus as well, since this is the first time a choreographer/dance teacher from the Greek scene is recognized from the IDTA , who is given the assignment of creating the syllabus and implementation from its members and examiners.

Elena attributes her success to the love she cherishes of the art of belly dancing, which she begun practicing since childhood. Later in my studies, I followed intensive seminars and classes in Europe, but mainly in Egypt, at the heart of Belly Dancing (where belly dancing thrives). I have studied and deepened my understanding with top teachers like Dina, Mahmoud Reda, Raqia Hassan and others, Elena notes.

What was the motivating force in the first place to start belly dancing? "Many reasons" Elena says and explains; Lets start from the subject of music, it is very easy for us Cypriots to feel it because we have a lot of influence from the Arabic music, since many of our songs have been interpreted form Arabic to Greek. Therefore belly dancing is a way of life like Xasapiko, Zempekiko etc. It is not random that belly dancing along with Salsa and Argentine Tango are the most widespread dances worldwide. All these dances have very intense music and tempo that can wake up a person, and pass on very intense feelings.

She continues: "Above all, however, belly dancing gives the opportunity in us, women, to display our femininity, to gain higher confidence and self-knowledge. Looking at belly dancing as an exercise, it is very good because you can achieve flexibility and you can work out abdominals and buttocks which are the soft spots of the female body. In addition, it helps fat burning, gives you energy and relaxes you. Because it is also a solo dance, it gives women the opportunity of spending pleasantly their time. If the idea of belly dance looks attractive to you, the choreographer notes that it is a kind of dance that can be taught to all group ages, from the age of 5 to 65 years old. You don't have to have previous experience in any other kind of dance and you don't need a partner. Usually there are classes for children 5 to 8 years old, for children 9 to 12 years old and a plethora of classes for adults from beginners to advanced.

INFO The DVD and Syllabus book can be bought from the IDTA sales department, based in England, and the Shakallis Dance School, Nicosia.





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